You may or may not have come across this particular design style that is in equal parts rare and intriguing. A design that is as rare as its name, Bauhaus design style was an important breakthrough in the world of design and it laid the foundation for many other design languages. Bauhaus design principle came into existence back in 1919 and the idea behind this design style was to reflect the unity of all arts. 

The Bauhaus movement lasted between 1919 and 1933 and the founder of this movement was interested in creating a union of different art forms like painting, sculpting, and architecture. Despite Bauhaus design style not being a commonly talked about language, it is one of the finest design styles you can choose for your home. The defining characteristics of Bauhaus design style include geometric shapes, clean lines, industrial elements, functionality-specific elements, good use of primary colours, rationality and more. Now take a look at how you can use Bauhaus design style to completely change the way you look at your space. 


When you’re picking lighting designs for a Bauhaus-inspired interior, it is important to get functional and multi-purposeful lights. The lighting designs should be interactive and efficient enough to fit in your living space. Bauhaus design style is supposed to give your space a industrial yet retro feel and that should give you an idea enough about the lighting designs you have to choose for the space. 

If you want a lighting layout to be focused around the ambience, then you can choose to go with lighting designs like table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights. And if you want a lighting layout that is slightly functional, then you could choose to go for ceiling lights, pendant lights and more. 


Things get interesting when you have to pick home decor for your Bauhaus. While there aren’t any specified patterns or textures you have to choose. Just make sure that the home decor has a little industrial touch or a modern touch to fit in perfectly. 


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