Nature plays a massive role in everyone’s mental health, well-being, and productivity. As a business owner, especially one that owns or at least has full control over the building they are in, it is up to you to use that knowledge for the benefit of all your staff. While yes, adding office plants can boost the mood of your employees, what you want to have done is to create a stunning park space in your complex. 

This will give employees a tranquil, relaxed, nature-based space to eat their lunch and enjoy their breaks. It’s also how you can support the biodiversity in your area, which can help you achieve some of your climate and sustainability goals. 

Why Add a Park Space 

A park space that combines stunning landscaping and gardens with space to eat, drink, and even work outside can do wonders for the morale and productivity of your staff. Let people work outside. Let them enjoy a relaxing lunch where trees can surround them. Plus, it’s a great investment. Just as landscaping increases home value, it can also increase your commercial property’s value. 

In short, investing in a great outdoor space at your complex can improve your business’ productivity, the overall company culture, and even the value of the property overall. In short, it just makes business sense. 

How to Create a Beautiful Park Space 

To create a beautiful park space you’ll need to: 

  • Clean Up and Preserve What You Have

To create a great park space you first need green space. Work with what you have and add to it, rather than clear it out entirely. A good way to start is to hire these residential and commercial tree services to clear out any dead trees and help you save the rest. They can also trim trees to help what’s there work with your overall vision for the space.

  • Bring on a Landscaper 

Once you have cleared out the dead and have safeguarded what’s left, it’s time to bring on a landscaper. Choose someone who specializes in creating biodiverse spaces that are as good for nature as they are for people. This is how you’ll do more with the space than just adding some curated lawns to your property. 

  • Add or Build Social Areas 

At a minimum, you’ll want to add picnic tables. If you have the budget, however, then you’ll want to do more than just some old pieces of wood. You’ll want to invest in some quality furniture and even have items custom-made for your space. If you add a raised plant bed, for example, you can make that border a long, winding bench for your staff to hang out on. Adding more comfortable, supportive, and easy-to-clean tables can also help support people working outside. 

  • Make It Wi-Fi Friendly 

While getting out and completely disconnecting is important, you will want to make sure that strong internet is available throughout your green space. This way, people can work outside on nice days and benefit from that fresh air, sun, and green space. 


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