Rich Copy is a utility program for copying files developed by MS Corporation. The Microsoft Rich Copy is a multi-thread copying program to enhance your file copying speed.

It helps open several threads side-by-side to copy as many files as needed at one point in time and cut the aggregate time needed to execute the copying procedure.

In addition, Rich Copy offers the facility to pause and execute the file copy operations according to your leisure. So, if your network connectivity is lost at one point or you want to pause the procedure, you can do it and pick up exactly where you left off.

Rich Copy lets users copy a large amount of data or a myriad number of files between storage devices over a network by speeding the copy performance and reducing the time on a copy operation. The software offers a read-only format and provides a simple and user-friendly GUI. It features advanced command line support for simple usage and is compatible with operating systems. You can download Rich Copy for free without paying a single penny.

However, knowing the right way to use Rich Copy Windows 10 is essential. Below is the procedure for using Rich Copy Windows 10.

Steps to use Rich Copy Windows 10

After downloading and installing Rich Copy on your PC, you need to enter the primary Rich Copy interface.

Main interface

  • Choose the files/ folders you wish to copy from the Source Path.
  • Select the location to save the copied folders in the Destination Path.
  • Select the copy options for the current task. After you click on Copy Options, you will find Rich Copy’s services.

Transfer of files

  • You will not see the progress of files in per cent
  • It also mentions the time taken by a single file to get copied
  • It demonstrates the size of files in bytes.
  • It showcases the number of copy retries before skipping a file.
  • Lastly, you will find the file name and its location, also mentioned on the transfer pop-up.

Rich Copy options

  • It allows users to move, consolidate and purge.
  • Users can also check the copying procedure mode.
  • Users can check options such as timer
  • Lastly, users gain information about the number of threads used.

Apart from these facilities, when you’re using Rich Copy, you can also set other copying options like when you want to copy a file, whether you want to exclude or include a file and then begin copying files to another location.

Major features of Rich Copy

  • It is quicker, more powerful and more reliable than the other file-copying tools available.
  • It helps create many profiles to assign settings.
  • It helps copy files from several different locations and allows them to be saved in one destination.
  • It allows suspension and resuming of files at any time.

In the end, Microsoft Rich Copy Windows 10 eases your problem of copying multiple files in one go. So, without any hassle, choose this program to copy your innumerable files and enjoy some free time.

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