Bling it on!”

That has been the mantra for countless men around the world for a long time and while several men’s jewelry trends have come and gone, the practice of wearing high-quality and sleek gold chains has been one trend that has resurfaced every decade. 

A top fashion choice for men and a versatile one at that, wearing a good-looking gold chain can add an entirely new dimension to your character. With a plethora of options available in the physical as well as online retail marketplaces, it might get tricky to figure out which gold chain is right for you. Your personal preferences, the length of the chain, material, gold purity, thickness, cost, and chain type become key considerations while shopping for gold chains for men. 

Today, many men and women are transitioning towards a more “minimalist” approach to their jewelry choices. If you, too, are drawn toward the rising trend of minimalist gold jewelry, you are definitely at the right place. 

And minimalism starts with single gold chains. Modern-day gold chains, like the ones available online at So Icy Jewelry, come in a wide array of styles, including: 

  • 14k gold Cuban chains
  • 14k gold rope chains
  • 14k gold Franco chains
  • Box chains
  • Minimalist ball chains
  • Miami link chains

So Icy Jewelry’s gold rope chains come in different colors, including white gold, rose gold, and pure yellow gold. Our interlinked gold chains complement a host of modern, traditional, formal, and casual outfits, meaning you never have to worry about your jewelry and outfits not matching each other. With minimalistic jewelry, in particular, you can rest assured that it will pair well with all kinds of clothes, irrespective of outfit type, fabric, pattern, and color.

With mind-boggling advancements in jewelry manufacturing and metal purification processes, today’s gold chains for men are available in a wide variety of makes. According to the karat system of gauging the purity of gold, compositions like 10k (41.7% gold) and 14k (58.3% gold) are among the most sought-after types of gold chains among our customers. 

And that is not all – we have a whole assortment of other options, too. Now, as if that was not confusing enough, you even have the option of adding a stylish and minimalistic gold pendant to your chain if you like that kind of look! There is a general perception (we would like to call it a misconception) that charms are only meant for women. However, if you were to take a look at the trendy pendant options available for men, you would be absolutely floored! With several unique shapes as well as metal color choices, some of So Icy Jewelry’s most popular minimalistic pendant styles include the anchor, key, headphones, marijuana leaf, angel, gun, the holy cross, and even Jesus’ 3D face! 

Apart from chains and bracelets, you also have the option of completing your look with a sleek bracelet, minimalistic earrings, gold bands, and even a stylish wristwatch. 

5 Must-Have Men’s Jewelry Pieces That Whisper, “Minimalistic!”

If you are a keen follower of minimalistic trends, you will love this list. The jewelry experts at So Icy Jewelry have put together a list of five must-have gold jewelry pieces that are minimalistic and stunning in equal measure: 

  1. 14k Yellow Gold Skinny Hollow Miami Cuban Chain 

Shine like royalty with this yellow gold chain that has a narrow width of 2.20mm and is available in various length choices, varying from 18 inches to 24 inches. 

  1. 10k Yellow Gold Solid Tight Mariner Link Chain 16-24 Inch 1.8mm

Just 1.80mm wide, this yellow-gold chain for men is perfect for that minimalistic look. With a starting weight of 2.20 grams, this mariner link chain looks stunning and versatile. 

  1. 14k Gold Solid 6mm Beveled Edge Cuff Bangle Bracelet

What is classier than a beveled-edge jewelry accessory? Well, nothing if you ask us! This 14k gold bangle bracelet comes in three color options (yellow, rose, and white) with a width of 6mm, giving it that unmistakably classy and chic look. 

  1. Mens 14k White Gold Geneve Automatic Watch

How about a genuinely minimalistic yet gorgeous Italian-made watch that comes with the signature automatic Swiss movement and lifetime in-house warranty? Sounds too good to be true, right? Check out this white gold watch that features a white-colored dial, Roman numerals, a date display, and sapphire crystal (scratch-resistant) glass. 

  1. 14k gold Jesus pendant 

Available in mini, small, medium, and large sizes, our 14k gold Jesus pendant for men is a bestseller, too! You can check it out here. If you are on the lookout for a Jesus pendant that is a welcome change from the regular cross, this one is sure to capture your imagination. 

Shop High-Quality Gold Chains For Men 

All our 10k and 14k gold chains come with a convenient black-colored leatherette jewelry box and an in-house warranty. From yellow gold to white and rose gold, So Icy Jewelry offers an abundance of choices ranging from $68 to $43,830! Explore our 14k gold Cuban chains, 14k gold Franco chains, 14k gold Jesus pendants, gold watches, bangle bracelets, and a variety of rope chain designs now!

Why Shop At So Icy Jewelry? 

Well, for starters, we value our customers over everything else. On that note, we offer free shipping within the United States and a 14-day return policy, so that your jewelry shopping experience is as smooth as it gets. Add to that the fact that all our products are 100% authentic and you have yourself a winner! No gold plating, no filling. 

At So Icy Jewelry, we offer the safety and convenience of local pick-up, too, which is available for all our customers. You are welcome to visit us at 55 West 47th Street suite 1135 on the 11th floor at our New York store location. 

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