When talking about the hotly-debated topic of home defense, you’ll get advice from all sides telling you about why their choice is the best option. The truth is that you could make a case for most weapons in this arena, but we think that the Citadel Boss 25 is so far ahead of other types of firearms that it’s a shoo-in for the best choice.

Shotguns have quite a fearsome reputation in the gun world, offering brutal power at close range but not so many benefits over longer distances. They’re great for home defense, although we’ll caveat that by saying you need to know how to use them properly for this to be the case. 

The Pros of Using a Citadel Boss 25 For Home Defense

Generally speaking, pistols are easiest for complete newbies to get their heads around, whereas shotguns take a little bit more getting used to. However, what can be denied is that a shotgun offers devastating stopping power at close range. Shot-for-shot up against a pistol, you’re talking about 9 pellets versus one, making a Citadel Boss 25 superior in this regard. 

The fact that you’re firing 9 pellets as opposed to one round tips the odds in your favor, with the spread of the shot also adding to the likelihood that you’re putting the intruder down. Each pellet creates a separate wound, so even if they’re still standing, they’re going to be thinking about running out of there!

The spread at close range from a shotgun creates a wound pattern the size of a basketball, and you might even hit more than one intruder – if there is more than one. That said, you will hear the spread of shotgun being overplayed oftentimes, so at around 15 years – from fifteen yards away, it will be roughly the width of an intruder’s torso – no more. 

The Cons Of Using a Shotgun to Protect the Home

In the interests of balance, we have to look at some of the drawbacks. The first is that they’re much more difficult to manoeuvre in the home – especially if your property is on the smaller side. Also, they’re super loud when fired. It’s great that you might intimidate the intruder with a loud bang, but if you’re not anticipating it, it can discombobulate you and leave you vulnerable.

Reloading can be slow, which is not ideal, but the chances that you’ll get through five shotgun rounds and still be in a firefight are fairly low. 

The Citadel Boss 25 Has Everything You Need For Home Safety

When it comes down to brass tacks, a shotgun in the home offers intimidation, power, and ease of aiming. Furthermore, you won’t be killing anyone in an adjacent room or building due to the low penetration offered. All in all, this weapon has it all, and we think you’ll be glad to reach for it if your family ever needed the protection it provides. 

All that said, we’d certainly recommend getting out there and practising with it to get used to the kick and the power. The last thing you want is to be finding this stuff out for the first time when your life is on the line. 


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