Zendesk helps improve business by making customer interaction automated and streamlined. Managing multiple traditional phone lines in a large sector can be complex and expensive. VoIP service providers with Zendesk integration for call centers are some of the most effective. This goes especially when it comes to managing customer engagement and interaction. 

In cases where your call center disconnects from your service provider, it guarantees a negative experience. It also reinforces the idea of a bad or ineffective customer support experience. At times, support requests raised are often lost altogether. To help with this, connecting your system to VoIP service providers integrated with Zendesk can enable seamless customer support.

By utilizing VoIP, your team can effectively communicate with customers via phone calls, live sessions, or video, while sharing necessary details. 

What is a Business VoIP System?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that connects your voice to a digital signal transmitted over the Internet. VoIP systems offer greater flexibility, customization, and cost-effectiveness when compared to traditional analog phone lines. This enables you to manage your incoming and outgoing calls through a VoIP business phone system connected via an internet connection. 

These phone services are hosted online, and users can access them through an app on their desktop or mobile device with the proper internet connection. If you make a call, the VoIP application sends a signal to servers, which in turn routes the signal to the recipient.

How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider?

We have to choose the right VoIP provider for the best communication experience. To make things easier, here are some points to remember while choosing a VoIP provider for your sales and customer support teams.

Improved Call Quality

With audible sound and minimum latency, your call quality is improved significantly. With this, both ends of the call should experience clear and prompt service, leading to a satisfactory resolution. 

Proper Mobile/Desktop Integration

With a proper mobile or desktop VoIP connection, your staff can make calls as required by your retargeting campaigns or other business requirements. 

Packages with Enterprises

Zendesk offers call center software integrated with Zendesk work management, providing a seamless customer experience. These services are provided for a range of small to large businesses, and enterprises meaning the payment plan varies accordingly. 

Best VoIP Service Providers With Zendesk Integrations

Zendesk Integration for Call Centers, several platforms allow you to communicate with customers. The best VoIP service providers with Zendesk integrations are as follows:

Dialpad with Zendesk Integration

Dialpad is one of our top picks, it’s an AI-powered cloud communication platform. This app allows you to communicate and dial-pad calls and messages from Zendesk directly. Dialpad provides time-saving several features enabled with the help of AI. These features include call transcription, call recording history maintenance, and deep analytics to enhance workflow. 

In addition, the app automatically creates its log calls and creates new support tickets in Zendesk. Dialpad provides live agent support to reach customers through their preferred communication channels, making them a quicker and more seamless experience. 

Mitel With Zendesk Integration

To set up Mitel for Zendesk, begin by installing it on the customer server and then installing the integration app through the Zendesk platform. It features tight integration that unifies voice and customer data. It has a customizable, browser-based smartphone integrated into the Zendesk application.

The Zendesk customer support team offers excellent technical guidance and assistance to their customers. It is also worth mentioning the application is highly scalable to a large number of users. Mitel offers prime and elite plans that integrate well with third parties applications. The price starts at $32.29 per user per month and provides a system that can scale up to 65,000 users. 

Nextiva With Zendesk Integration

Nextiva can be integrated into Zendesk, by adding phone capabilities to your helpdesk is now easier. It leverages your cloud-based software to provide additional functionalities and utilize more features. Associate calls to customers and your call logs and activity can automatically save once you are done with the call.

You can record notes on your Zendesk tool, or use the default notepad. From managing your tasks and record, make new contacts, tickets, or accounts from the Zendesk integration panel. They offer additional features such as unlimited participants in voice/video conferencing and voice mail transcription with a single sign-up option. There are no additional charges with both professional and enterprise licenses. 

RingCentral With Zendesk Integration

Ringcentral – there’s no need to install any software, instead of that simply use your Zendesk business account with the support of your browser. The feature click to dial simplifies your make and receive calls within the Zendesk platform. When you receive an incoming call from a client, an instant screen pop-up will appear with their details.

Ringcentral features recording automated tickets on every text, fax, or missed call from clients/customers. Advanced analytics and in-depth reporting are also available, and there are several third-party applications integrated with them. A new customer can try to start with a 15-day free trial.

8×8 With Zendesk Integration

The 8×8 integration with Zendesk is a powerful cloud-based communication platform. This tightly integrated solution helps service desk agents to optimize their customer management abilities. It features real-time access to customer tickets and history. Manage all your customer interactions from a single screen within the Zendesk platform this includes phone calls, chatrooms, and email.

This advanced communication tool provides additional features for your workplace. This includes features like virtual meetings, screen sharing, and instant messaging, maximizing the customer service experience. Besides this, there is an advanced feature called analytics dashboard that enables supervisors to track different metrics. This includes call volume, duration, hold times, missed calls, along with various other customer interactions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zendesk have VoIP?

Zendesk uses VoIP with the traditional phone system and also allows third-party integration. This enables better productivity and efficient workflow.

Is VoIP worth it for a small business?

Businesses of any size can benefit from VoIP service providers. VoIP is more cost-effective than the standard analog phone plan, and it removes the need for hardware or additional pieces of equipment. 

How to use Zendesk with VoIP?

Integration between VoIP and Zendesk, your staff can communicate with customers through any medium of phone calls and chat while sharing data back and forth at the same time. VoIP software benefits all kinds of business sizes, and that leads to saving costs while effectively managing phone operations.


Consider these combinations of the best VoIP service providers with Zendesk call center integration. Customer relationship management provides a unified system for managing all your company’s sales and support processes in your business through several key features. Now you understand the concept of VoIP service providers and how they effectively work well with Zendesk.


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