Your company’s headquarters are the business’s most significant location that should ideally serve as a benchmark for the rest of the company’s branches. These buildings also add prestige to their host city and can help attract more business in the vicinity. 

While the image and look of a company’s headquarters are important from an outsider’s perspective, it is even more important for the workforce. Most employees consider the workplace a reflection of whether their employer values them. If the business puts elaborate efforts into setting up and decorating its headquarters, it sends a strong positive message to its stakeholders. If you are looking for inspiration for decorating your company’s headquarters, here are five ideas to help you.

Company logo and Mission

The decoration of a company’s office, particularly its headquarters, should reflect its vision and what it stands for. One prominent item you can consider for your office décor is an attractive display piece of your company’s vision or statement on the office walls. 

You can have custom wall designs created and put up the company’s vision or logo as the centerpiece. It will not only make for a great decoration item but will also keep reminding the company’s employees about the purpose for which the company has been built and may serve as their daily dose of motivation.

Wall Art and Paintings

Custom wall art and paintings are a great way to adorn office walls and perk up empty spaces. You can commission experienced artists to create striking wall art for the corporate office. These exclusively designed and created art pieces will make for aesthetically pleasing décor elements for the company. 

If you hire artists from the local community for the job, you may also be able to promote their work and help them get more business. Giving back to the community in different ways can do wonders for your corporate image. However, before hiring the artist, ensure their art complements your image and brand.

However, if you do not want to invest in wall art or are looking for options that do not take up too much space, you can use paintings for décor purposes. They can give a nice feel to the offices and do not take up much space. Consider the theme and color schemes of the office setup when buying paintings. For instance, if the atmosphere in your corporate headquarters is elegant or minimalistic and classy, bright-colored or bold displays may not go well with the rest of the décor.

Mirrors and Lighting

Use large mirrors inside the premises if you want your office workspace to reflect professionalism and refinement. They create a look of grandeur and can help make the place look more spacious. The use of mirrors may also take away from the domineering feel of the office and make it seem more inviting and open. 

Similarly, lighting is important in office decor as it can potentially improve employee productivity by affecting their perception of the workplace and making the workspace pleasing to the eye. You must choose lighting features that are reliable and suitable for practical use and also enhance the head office’s look and appeal. Do not get harsh lighting; it will strain the eyes and overshadow other décor elements. Use desk lamps for employee cubicles and bigger lighting fixtures for meeting rooms and halls. 

Plants and Flowers for the interior and exterior

Greenery and flowers can instantly liven up any space. They can give the office a natural feel, help reduce stress and make the work environment calm and tranquil. Your employees will enjoy the fresh air and fragrance, while the onlookers and visitors will be impressed by their beauty and the soothing ambiance they help create.

However, while plants and flowers make for a great décor item, you must arrange proper care and maintenance and ensure they receive water and sunlight regularly.

A flag for the exterior

If you want to decorate your company headquarters for a special day like the Memorial Day or Fourth of July and express patriotism, you can put up the national flag outside the building. If you want to go all out, you can even place crane flags on the headquarters’ exterior. 

Alternatively, you can have custom-made crane flags to represent your brand and highlight your company logo and name. These flags are made of durable fabric, can be flown on a crane arm or between fire truck ladders, and can withstand different weather conditions. 

Final Thoughts

Accentuating the office building and workspace with modern and professional décor items can help bring life to any corporate facility. While you must pay attention to décor accessories that complement the office layout, design, and furniture, the bigger elements make the most difference. Aspects like lighting and wall art can immediately enhance the look and feel of a space, while plants and flowers can help elevate the aesthetics with minimal effort. 

At the same time, grand gestures like large flags can immediately draw attention and enable the company to cause a stir in the local community and generate a positive vibe. 

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