Look online, and you’ll see a ton of advertisements and forums that all say the same thing – “buy CVA Cascade 350 Legend rifles because they’re awesome!”. Now, as we all know, you only put so much stock in paid advertising, right? So, rather than just accepting it was the case, we thought we’d do a little research to find out what life is actually like shooting one. 

We don’t want to spoil the end of the blog, but we have to say right now (just in case you don’t make it to the bottom) that it is a great rifle and one that we’re sure you’d love owning. However, you don’t even have to take our word for it. 

We even got the nice people at CVA to send us a 350 Legend to put it through its paces, so while this review might be brief, it will be comprehensive.

So, Why Buy Cascade 350 Legend Rifles?

When we unboxed our kindly-lent 350, we were blown away by the camo pattern that it came in. Ours was designed for use in wooded areas, but as we found after a little research, it’s one of a number of available camo patterns that fit many different landscapes.

In hand, it’s not hard to see why so many buy Cascade 350 Legend rifles, as the materials used are obviously high grade. This beauty comes in at around $700, so it was nice that the product we received very much felt like a weapon in this price bracket. 

Threaded Muzzle & Flawless Detachable Box Mag

The next thing we noticed was its threaded muzzle, which for those new to firearms, allows you to fit a silencer for those moments when silence is an absolute must. Also, the box mag it comes with was very nicely put together and worked flawlessly, no matter how many times we took it off and replaced it.

Down at the range, we ran 100 rounds through the beast, and after zeroing in, we achieved a dime-sized grouping over 300 yards or so. Feeding wasn’t an issue either, as we experienced absolutely no issues with regard to misfires or other stoppages.

Why Buy CVA Cascade 350 Legend Rifles? They ARE Awesome!

The 350 Legend certainly lives up to its name, as this is a super rifle that ticks every box as far as we’re concerned. It’s lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, packed with features, and has a pretty amazing look, if we’re being completely honest. Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a bolt-action rifle, but when you use the best materials and the best craftsmanship, a legend is often what you end up with. 

If you’re a hunter, a farmer, a competitive shooter or a even just a keen plinker, we’re certain that you will love this rifle just as much as we have. The only trouble we think you’ll have is choosing from the many great-looking finishes. 

If you pay enough, you’ll find better rifles on the market, but at the price point this one sits in, we don’t think you’ll find one better. 


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