DroneDeploy, a cloud-based mapping, and analytics drone startup raised $50 M in current funding of Series E on Feb 04, 2021, to speed up its usage in Europe, and broaden the scope of its products and services beyond aerial capture, and find opportunities for strategic acquisition targets. The total fundraising of this company reached $142 million with this new financing.

The investors in current Series E are Energize Ventures and Air Tree along with other partners Bessemer Venture, Emergence, Scale Venture, Uncork Capital, AngelPad, and Frontline Ventures.

DroneDeploy, established in 2013, provides workflows, automated flight safety checks, data processing, and real-time mapping through cloud-control drone software. The primary goal of the company is to help other companies by providing data storage, scalable picture processing, 3D models, and real-time shareable drone maps.

DroneDeploy tapped a robotics company, in San Francisco, California, established by Jono Millin, Mike Winn, and Nicholas Pilkington. Winn said he has been operating drones for about ten years. Winn co-founded Zoomatelo, a website business that permitted carpooling in big enterprises and communities using restricted social networks, before launching DroneDeploy. Winn also had sales and technical jobs at Google. DroneDeploy was developed to help park rangers at Kruger National Park in Africa.

Businesses started working remotely by adopting cloud-based software in every sector thanks to social distancing measures and pandemics. DroneDeploy’s annual growth reaches 259% in commercial uses and is strongly adopted by agriculture, Fortune 500 energy, property and logistics branches, insurance business, and the engineering sector.

Drone use in businesses is growing rapidly. The biggest organizations in logistics, agriculture, the energy, and the construction sector operate fleets of hundreds of drones and use DroneDeploy to control them. The CEO and co-founder of DroneDeploy, Mike Winn, said that the company is opening an EMEA office to service its thousands of European users. At the same time, businesses are completely digitizing their websites and making digital twins of all of their assets. With the advancement of drone technology, we are now able to record and examine video from manually or automatically operated ground-based cameras.

A drone app marketplace just launched by DroneDeploy by John Deere and Autodesk improves collaboration with pre-existing technologies. With over 20 million acres of land covering 160 nations and all seven continents, DroneDeploy presently has the largest drone data collection in the world.

The expansion of DroneDeploy into Europe, which is now its second-largest market, has Stephen McIntyre, a partner at Frontline Ventures, particularly intrigued.

U.S. businesses have experienced remarkable growth abroad in recent years as software buyers throughout the world catch up to those in the U.S. To expand into Europe, Frontline Ventures collaborates with industry leaders in SaaS. DroneDeploy is the market leader for commercial drones in the United States and its capabilities go far beyond drones, putting it in a good position to successfully establish its leading position abroad.

 This company released two significant characteristics: 360 Walkthrough and Vertical Flight in Series. This is just one example of how the company is continuing to innovate to satisfy customers’ growing demands. With ISO-27001 accreditation and SOC 2 Type 1 attestation, DroneDeploy can maintain its position as the market leader in enterprise security.

FAQs about DroneDeploy 

  • When was DroneDeploy founded?

Ans – In the Year 2013.

  • How much funding did DroneDeploy raise in Series E?

Ans – $50 million.

  • When DroneDeploy raises $50 million in Series E?

Ans – On Feb 04, 2021.

  • What are the crucial features of DroneDeploy?

Ans – The crucial features of DroneDeploy are 360 Walkthrough and Vertical Flight.

  • Where are the headquarters of Dronedeploy?

Ans – San Francisco.

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