One of the most delicious dishes is cooked out of fish. Carp is one of the most amazing fish. Carp has very tasty, tender, slightly sweet meat. The average weight of carp is 2-2.5 kilograms, although there are unique specimens weighing up to 35 kilograms. Make something delicious, grab your favorite drink, and try to chill with the money train 2 slot. We are going to share some fantastic information about carp. 

About Carp

The first fact is that a fish named carp does not exist in nature. Only in the fishing industry and on store shelves can you find it. Scientists once identified a whole family of cyprinids, which include many fish. From crucian carp to vobla, but carp is not there, in the list of natural fish species of this family. The thing is that “carp” is the common and trade name of the domesticated carp. From the point of view of biologists, this is Cyprinus carpio carpio, and the repetition of the second word is not accidental: it turns out to be a cultivated carp.

This fish is native to China. In China, carp were bred in ancient times. As for the carp dishes, they have always been considered a delicacy worthy of an emperor. Carp were brought to Europe only in the 12th century, but today it lives in fresh waters all over the world, with the possible exception of South America, Australia, and the island of Madagascar.

As a result of long-term selection, several types of carp were born, which differ not in meat, but, first of all, in scales. 

The best time for carp fishing is summer. Carp is a very heat-loving fish, which becomes more active with warming water. Summer fishing for carp begins in early June, when spawning ends, and continues with short breaks until September.

Carp are caught in the spring after the ice has disappeared when the carp begin to gain weight and then go to spawn. And in the fall – despite the fact that in September-October the activity of the carp noticeably decreases. Although on relatively warm and bright days it eats off for the winter.

As for winter carp fishing, opinions differ. In fact, a carp can go without food for up to a month, so it loses weight and does not bite too actively. However, during periods of thaw and during daylight hours, the behavior of carp changes.

Cooking Tips

Carps have very tasty, tender, slightly sweet meat, but many small bones. If you are going to make minced fish, you can grind carp meat with bones. They will not be felt. If you are going to fry carp, cut the fish along the entire length from the back and fry it in hot oil. The bones will become much softer, and the small ones will seem to dissolve.

Carp dishes are found in the cuisines of various countries. In China, carp is very popular. In China, carp is boiled, fried, baked with vegetables, and cooked in sweet and sour sauce. In Bulgaria, carp is stuffed with nuts, fried with bacon, baked, and marinated. On the menus of German and Polish restaurants, you can find carp stewed in beer, and in Hungary, carp is cooked with smoked lard and paprika. In France, carp is stuffed with minced fish and mushrooms and stewed in red wine. This dish is called carp a la Chambord.

Fresh carp should only smell like water. The eye of the fish should not be clouded. Carp gills should be red-pink: not cloudy, not blue, not green. Pink gills are a sign that the fish is fresh, freshly caught.

Determine how resilient the carp is. If, when pressing on the carp, no trace remains, the fish is fresh. The tail of the carp should lie flat. If it is bent, then the fish is old and dried up.

Carp can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Before storing carp, it is better to clean, gut, and remove gills. After that, the carcass of the fish should be put in a glass dish and covered with cling film. In the freezer, carp can be stored for up to 2-3 months.


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