If you are a fan of treadmills then you must love indoor running. It is the easiest way to work-out and you can do it practically anytime you want. This is why a lot of people across countries share a similar interest with treadmills. But as enthusiastic people might be, there are a few common mistakes people make when they jump on their mills. Here’s a list of them and some tips on how to avoid them too.

Still Using Your Old Treadmills with the Vingo App

The first mistake you can make is to hand on to that old treadmill of yours. These days every product can be exchanged for a new one. So, why would you hold on to that old model treadmill when you can get a new one with the latest features like activity trackers and digital displays? Go ahead and exchange that old mill for a new one and spice up your running. Also, there are a lot more ways you can use the new mill. You can use it to connect with apps like Vingo and have an adventure while you run.

Overlook the Importance of Visual Aids & Run Randomly

The next common mistake almost everyone makes is that they place their treadmills before an empty wall and stare at it all while they run. Your brain needs a lot of stimulation while you work-out. You need to see new stuff all the time, and that’s how your brain can be tricked out of boredom. When you keep staring at the same thing, or even if you keep looking out the same window, your brain will lose interest in the exercise and stop pushing you. Eventually you will feel completely bored of your treadmill and quit running.

Fortunately, in our digital age there are a lot of visually stimulating apps and games that can help your brain stay entertained. One such way is to use the Vingo app to go online running. This is a new phenomenon where people log into Vingo and use Virtual Reality to give them an outdoor experience. Vingo uses scenic maps inside its VR tech and gives the users an online adventure where they can run, and jog for all the time they want.

Continue Running Alone Without Your Friends

Another common mistake people make is to run alone. This is true even when they use the online running app. You can use Vingo to connect with your friends or even make new friends in the virtual world. This way you will feel motivated while you work-out.

Never Share Your Improvements in Social Media

What’s the point of progress if there’s no one there to appreciate you for it? Share your daily progress, and target achievements to all your followers in social media through Vingo. This will also help you push your limits every day. You can even use Vingo with your indoor bike and go for online cycling. So, be wise and choose the best way to run indoors.


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