In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in extreme temperatures here in the UK. Summer 2022 was England’s joint warmest on record and it was the driest since 1976. 

These extremely warm periods are expected to become the norm and it’s all down to global warming. In fact, scientists predict that there’s a 66% chance of the world passing the 1.5°C global warming threshold between now and 2027.

As we make our way into summer 2023, it could be that we see hot weather once again. In order to manage the rising temperatures at work, it’s worth thinking now about how to manage the heat before it returns.  

Why focus on keeping cool? 

There are several reasons why it’s worth taking steps to keep you and your team comfortable at work. First, employee wellbeing is important. Looking after your staff will ensure that they are happy in the workplace and they are more likely to be engaged and productive if they’re working in a comfortable environment. 

Also, if you’ve been trying to encourage your team to come into the workplace once or twice a week so that they can work collaboratively, they’re more likely to do so if they’re not too hot and bothered. 

What are the best ways to keep cool? 

Here are some ways to get your workplace to a comfortable temperature: 

Invest in air conditioning units – if you haven’t already got air conditioning set up in your office, take the time to research the air-conditioning units on the market, such as the selection by RS. Install one now before the temperatures soar. You can select one that suits your budget and office setup, but it’s definitely an investment if we’re to continue to see these warmer summers.  

Drink lots of water – encourage your team to drink water throughout the day. Send everyone reminders and make sure that any water fountains are topped up. 

Dress appropriately – whether you have a strict dress code or not, during extreme heat it’s worth relaxing any rules around office attire. For instance, you could allow staff to wear shorts. It’s still possible to keep this summer wear office-appropriate – for instance, you might want to tell your team to not wear strappy vest tops – but it’s also important that your staff are dressing for the season.  

Take breaks taking regular breaks is important, but if your staff are finding it difficult to concentrate because they’re too warm or feeling uncomfortable, encourage them to take a break from the screen. 


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