The secret to increasing sales in your retail store is rather simple – you need to put your customers in the right frame of mind to buy. You also need to weed out passersby so that only your target audience walks through the store, or those looking to buy a gift in that specific style. If you’re a clothing boutique, after all, chances are you’re not going to hold every style. By using your décor and overall ambiance, you can actually declare your brand identity and boost loyalty in the process. 

Mastering the art of ambiance is one of the smartest, simplest ways to increase sales, and this guide will help you understand the how’s and why’s behind it:  

The Right Music 

Did you know the right music won’t just set the mood but can actually help increase sales? Music is a powerful tool that can completely change your mood. Put on a happy song and your mood is lifted. Feeling hectic and harried? Listen to something calming. The same principle can actually help you keep customers in your store for longer and make them happier to treat themselves or a loved one with something. To find the best type of music for your store, you need to identify your key demographic. Try to match the music to the overall theme. Once you know that, you can put on the right generic store playlists that don’t distract your customers, but add to the overall ambiance instead. This way, you can help them focus on shopping, complete the theme, and put them in a better mood. All three are essential when it comes to getting customers to peruse the shelves and buy more. 


Think the only way to light your store is with white overhead lights? Think again. You need lighting that does make it easy to see all your products, yes, but a slightly warmer light goes a long way. You’ll also want to avoid harsh overhead lights. Drop those lights down or use task lighting to illuminate your stock in a beautiful way. 

Where lighting will play the biggest impact on your sales is in the changing room. Overhead lights in the changing room can make even great clothes look terrible, and worst, they are usually very unflattering on the face. If your customers don’t feel like they look good, they won’t buy from you. Avoid this by bringing the light down. Behind-mirror LEDs can illuminate the front and work to offset the overhead light glare. 

Décor and Design 

The design can go a long way toward putting your customer into the right frame of mind to shop. It can also help customers feel luxurious. If you’re a small boutique, for example, adding comfortable seating gives shoppers the chance to try on more things and show their friends or partner. If those waiting are comfortable, the entire experience is more relaxed, so your customer has the time and energy to find the perfect piece from your stock. 

Whatever your theme, match the décor and design and make it easy to stick around for longer periods. You want as many customers as possible to go through every product you sell, because that’s how you increase sales while boosting brand loyalty and your customer service. 

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