If you’re an avid shooter who spends a significant amount of your time at the range or in the field, the cost of ammunition can build up fast, right? This is where a shotgun shell reloader comes in very handy, as the game-changing service it provides can save you a ton of cash. 

Of course, there’s a degree of skill and know-how involved in reloading old shells, but once you’ve got this ability under your belt, you have the power to give yourself as many useable shells as you need to indulge your passion to its fullest. 

The Cost-Effective Benefits of a Shotgun Shell Reloader 

There’s no denying that a shotgun shell reloader will save you money – particularly as factory-made shotgun shells can add up in terms of cost when you use a lot of them. As such, when you choose to repurpose spent cartridges, the money you save can be considerable, although there is a small cost involved in buying powder, primers, wads, and shots. 

There’s also a time investment that needs to be made, but when compared to a box of store-bought ammo, it can add up to a tidy sum. For regular shooters, this DIY approach is a wise one from a financial standpoint. Other benefits include:

  • Tailoring loads to specific needs – when you reload your own shells, it means you get the freedom to tailor your loads to exactly what you’re doing eg. hunting, clay shooting, or trap shooting. What we mean by that is that you can adjust the components in terms of powder type and amount, as well as the size of the shot and kind of wad. This will invariably lead to better performance in your shooting. 
  • Improved consistency & performance – if you’re a reloader, you naturally have increased control over the overall quality, and, in turn, performance of the rounds you use. You’ll be studiously loading each shell and closely measuring the levels of each component, meaning you have a much greater say on how well they perform out of the barrel. 
  • Better for the environment – when new shotgun shells are produced, more plastics need to be created and as we already know, there are too many plastics in existence on the planet. However, every time you reload, rather than buying new, you’re reusing a spent hull, thereby minimizing environmental impact in your own small way. 

Of course, you have to think about the fact that you need to buy the reloading equipment up front and have a clean and well-lit area in which to do your work. Then there’s also the need to have plenty of parts storage space and safety protocols that need to be followed closely – but you’ll already know about that if you’re a serious reloader. Once the initial investment is out of the way, and you’re up to speed with what’s required to make good shells, it’s savings all the way! 

The Shotgun Shell Reloader – Your Key to Cost-effective Shooting 

If you’re a high-volume shooter, the advantages of using a shell reloader are clear. The cost savings, ability to customize loads, improved consistency, environmental benefits, and not forgetting…the sheer enjoyment of the process all offer broad appeal. 

As such, if you’re on the fence about whether to take the step into DIY shell-making, we hope that reading this blog has tipped the balance one way or the other.


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