QNET is a global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct selling company. Since 2014, it is proud to be the official direct selling partner of Manchester City Football Club, an Premier League professional football club that dates back to the 1800s.

QNET is using its partnership with the Manchester City Football Club to offer an exceptional opportunity to African youth interested in football. The program, called Man City Football Clinic, gave 26 talented players under the age of 18 from underprivileged areas access to top-tier coaching and training.

The program takes place in Nigeria’s Ogun State and is led by legendary Dutch football star Johannes Bonfrère, who coached the Nigerian national team to an Olympic gold medal in 1996. “As a coach with a deep passion for nurturing young talent, I believe that this football clinic is a major step that holds tremendous potential for the future of football in West Africa. It provides a platform where aspiring footballers can receive extensive coaching, refine their skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the game,” stated Bonfrère. “I am confident that this initiative will play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of football stars.”

The program’s participants come from six states in Nigeria. They take part in five training sessions and one organized match in order to evaluate their proficiency. Ajayi Emmanuel was selected to take part in the Man City Football Clinic. It was a dream come true for the 16-year-old. “A Premier League football club clinic where a world-class Olympic coach personally trained me. I am grateful to God, QNET, and Man City,” he shared.

“We believe that sports are more than just a game — they teach important values like teamwork, discipline, and perseverance,” stated Trevor Kuna, the direct selling company’s chief transformation and reputation officer. “These are values that are at the core of our brand.

“That’s why we’re proud to have collaborated with Man City to bring this unique opportunity to the youth in Africa, regardless of their background. Our aim was to empower them to achieve their dreams and help them develop into confident, well-rounded individuals.” 

Is QNET Real or Fake?

QNET is a real and reputable company which has been legally operating for the past 25 years. Although the company has erroneously been confused with financial scams or pyramid schemes, QNET works ardently to set the record straight about its legitimacy.

To that end, QNET doesn’t offer miracle products or promise anyone can get rich quickly. And its grassroots business model enables people from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs. It takes hard work and dedication, but independent representatives have the chance to become economically self-sufficient. Unlike illegal pyramid schemes, it’s a genuine direct selling company where commissions are paid based on the sale of products.

The company provides independent representatives with the education and tools necessary to expand their knowledge of the business model and life-enhancing products. To ensure transparency, it collaborates with stakeholders, including regulatory and security agencies, to offer in-depth awareness and education to the public. It’s committed to developing independent representatives on a personal level to give customers in more than 100 countries worldwide an excellent experience. 

Giving Kids From Underserved Communities a Chance at Success

QNET is devoted to developing the talent of adolescents from disadvantaged communities. That’s why it has collaborated with the Manchester City Football Club to create similar programs for skilled players from several African countries, as well as Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the company and Man City presented talented youth with a fully funded two-week trip to participate in the Manchester City Football Training and Language School. It took place at the City Football Academy in Manchester, England.

The company is also the direct selling partner of the African Club League Championships, run by the Confédération Africaine de Football. The CAF was founded in 1957; it includes the Total CAF Champions League, which is an annual football contest.

“We take great pride in knowing that we have helped create a large number of successful entrepreneurs in Africa over the past few years, and this has, in turn, played a very important role in our growth in the region,” stated Kuna. “This partnership will help cement not only our commitment to our independent representatives and customers who have put us on the map as a leading direct selling company, but also our relationship with the continent of Africa as one of our key markets for the future.”

Kuna continued, “QNET is dedicated to helping more entrepreneurs succeed in Africa as we have in many countries across the globe. It is our honor to sponsor these highly respected championships, and we could not have wished for better partners than the Confederation of African Football to make this vision happen.”

Partnering with Man City for the past nine years has been a smart choice for the direct selling business, since Man City is the Premier League champion, the FA Cup Champion, and the Champions League winner for the 2022-2023 season. It’s the team’s third consecutive Premier League win and their first-ever Champions League win, making it only the second treble victory in Europe in the history of football.

The company posted on Instagram that Man City’s “hard work, passion, and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring, and we’re honored to be with such an incredible team. We share in your joy and feel a deep sense of pride in being part of this amazing journey. Thank you for inspiring us to be the best that we can be.”


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