What is Delta 9?

Cannabis and other hemp plants contain a number of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are chemicals that affect the body in a couple of different ways. The most well-known of the cannabinoids are cannabidiol, also known as CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. There are a different forms of THC that are in cannabis plants. The biggest form of THC is Delta 9, which is what most people are thinking about when they speak of THC. 

You can buy Delta 9 legally in many states and you can buy it online, as well. One product that you can buy legally is Hifi Farms hemp, a legal form of Delta 9. Their products are below the 0.03% of THC allowed by federal law according to the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill states that products that are below 0.03% THC are legal federally.

You might want to also know which states you can legally buy THC that has a content higher than the 0.03% that is legal federally. There are a few states that allow it for medicinal reasons, and others that allow it recreationally. The recent mid-term elections had more states adding the sale of THC in their states. 

The United States House of Representatives also just decriminalized marijuana and Delta 9 federally. This bill still needs to go through the Senate before it is passed, but this is a good first step in decriminalizing it nationwide. This is also a good step in making THC and Delta 9 legal federally. 

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Legality of THC and Delta 9

In 2018 the former farm bill was about to run out leaving many provisions of the bill unfunded and many things made illegal by the end of the year. In May of 2018, the new farm bill was voted down in the House and the 2014 Farm Bill expired without any replacement. In November of 2018, the bill went back for a vote with many changes, and the 2018 Farm Bill was finally passed. One part of the bill also descheduled many of the cannabis products from the Controlled Substance Act.

In November of 2022, the House also passed a bill that decriminalizes marijuana federally. This bill narrowly passed by a vote of 220-204 and was largely along party lines. This bill would also allow the expungement of people imprisoned or charged with marijuana offenses. If passed by the Senate, which is uncertain at this time, hundreds of people who have been arrested for marijuana offenses can be set free. 

This law would also allow federal taxes on the sale of marijuana in the country. People who are for this bill say that it would right the wrongs of the past with the disproportionate punishment of minorities and people with low incomes in the “War on Drugs.” The release of hundreds of people who have been charged with marijuana infractions would also free space in America’s overpopulated prison system.

Studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of Americans approve the legalization of THC products such as Delta 9. People say that marijuana use is not much different the use of alcohol and can be less dangerous. Others say that there may be more DUI and DWI arrests due to the legalization of these products. Both sides say that the income raised from taxes on legal use of marijuana could help to overcome the other issues that legalization might cause. 

At this point there are 42 states that allow the use and sale of Delta 9 THC in their states. This means that there are many more states that allow it than those who do not. There are many states who have the legalization of Delta 9 and other THC products on the ballots in the near future. This could mean that it could be legal in all fifty states before too long. 

However always check and get the latest information about delta 9 THC legality, as it is changes everyday.

States Where Delta 9 is Legal

As stated above there are 42 states that allow some form of THC or marijuana. These states allow THC products that have under 0.03% in them. Some of these states have also declared that foods containing these products are no longer considered “adulterated” by definition. That means that edibles that are sold in these states are also legal as long as they contain less than the legal 0.03% of THC.

There are many laws regarding the legality of THC and Delta 9 products in the United States currently. Here is a list of states where it is currently legal: https://disa.com/maps/marijuana-legality-by-state. There are some laws that say that these products are still illegal and there are other laws that are making it legal. You will have to do research to see what the laws of your state say. You do not want to be using these products if you are in a state that does not allow it. You also do not want to have these products in your possession if you are driving through a state where it is illegal. You could be in legal trouble if you are caught with it in your possession. 

This is just a little bit of information about the legality of Delta 9 and THC products. You will need to do some research to learn more so that you are not likely to get into trouble by having these products in your possession. The laws are changing quickly in many states, so keep updated by doing your research often. 


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