Under The Oak Tree – Characters, Storyline, and Facts

Under the Oak Tree is a Korean novel, authored by Kim Suji and published in February 2022. 

Under the Oak Tree novel
Under the Oak Tree is a Korean novel

Kim Suji created the Korean website cartoon comic Under the Oak Tree, which was highlighted by P as well as modified by Namu. The narrative of Riftan Calypse, an erstwhile bounty hunter transformed commanding officer of the Rembrandt Knights, and Maximillian Croix, the mistreated first girl of the merciless Duke of Croix, is told in Under the Oak Tree. The duo is compelled to marry, but they end up falling for each other as they progressively uncover the truth regarding one another.

Characters of Under the Oak Tree Novel

In this novel, the main protagonists are Riftan Calypse and Maximilian Calypse(Maxi). These are the main characters of the story and the whole storyline revolves around them. 

  1. Riftan Calypse-

Riftan is the male protagonist of the novel who belongs to a poor background but his power, strength, and talent let him win the world. The Knights of Remdragon and the Lord of Anatol came under his supervision as he is the commander of both. He is a 6 feet and 5 inches tall tough guy and has ash grey eyes. 

Riftan is a huge and muscular man with broad shoulders and is a blunt, hot-tempered man who is very zestful and hates lethargic states.

He has grown up in a mercenary family and thus is very cunny and clever about the streets, and transactions, and he can’t be gullible easily.  

  1. Maximilian Calypse-

Maximilian or Maxi is the female protagonist of this novel. She is a noble and shy lady who has very low self-confidence. She is the eldest daughter of Duje Croix who is an abusive father. Maxi has a speech problem and she stutters while speaking which makes her feel inferior to other girls around her.  

She is the wife of Riftan Calypse but their relationship started on a very unusual note as her father begs her to do so. She wanted to learn magic and after her marriage, she was mentored by a person named Ruth after which she emerged as a gem and joined the Remdragon Knoghts as a wizard. 

She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall with 53 kg of weight and has shining silver eyes. 

  1. Duke Croix-

Duke Ezion Croyso is somehow an evil dad of the main character of the novel, Maximilian Calypse. Although he is her real father, still always behaves with Maxi in a rude way for having an extremely Slutter tongue. He is an average-height man with long white hair and silver eyes. 

  1. Ruth-

Ruth is an average-height man who has portrayed a character of a sorcerer and also acts as a mentor and teacher of Maximilian. He has a very harsh and crude personality but deep inside he has solicitude and concern for everyone but he hesitates to show that. 

  1. Rudy Ains-

She is the main servant of Maximilian Calypse. She is a lanky woman who always wears a white veil to cover her head. In the entire story, she has served Maxi in a lenient way.

  1. Rosetta Croyso Reuben-

Rosetta is the older daughter of Duke Criox and is the half-sister of Maximilian. She is the crown princess in the story who has cold turquoise eyes and flax-colored hair. 

She is well-loved by her father, who always puts her above Maximilian. But she has an arrogant and cunning personality who displays her cold attitude to everyone and especially to Maxi. but despite these attributes, she still cares for Maxi in her own way. She is married to Prince Elias. 

  1. Anges Reuben-

She is a princess, the daughter of King Reuben. She hails from Drachium Palace and se is the sister-in-law of Maxi’s half-sister, Rosetta. This character is incredibly gorgeous of all. She has long blonde hair and a beautiful body shape.  

Anges is an elvish personality who can join anyone. She loves her only brother, Prince Elias, and has a good relationship with him. She is an independent and confident character in the story. 

The Storyline of Under the Oak Tree

The story revolves around Maximilian and Riftan. Maximilian is the older daughter of Duke Coix with his first wife but he always abuses and taunts her due to her stutters. Maxi has grown up in a very harsh and grinding environment where her father beat her for every next thing and compared her with her other siblings. This develops an inferiority complex in her and she also loses her self-confidence. 

Once Duke received a royal order from the King to go to war to fight with the Red Dragon Sector, he ran his brain and decided to marry his daughter Maxi to a pleasant and powerful knight, Riftan Calypse in order to push off his duties to go to the war. 

Maxi was forced to marry Riftan by her own father but the marriage takes place. Maxi and Riftan hardly know each other but were tied into a very strong relationship suddenly. The couple spent their first night and on the next day, Riftan left for the war without saying a word to his newly married wife. 

The victorious Riftan comes back after 3 years and reunites with his wife, Maxi but Maxi fears that Riftan will stay with her or divorce her, as they just had spent a night together and hardly know each other. 

Facts about Under the Oak Tree

  • Riftan Calypse is also known by other attributes like Sir Calypse, Leader, Commander, Rosen Wigrew, and Mahgo. He is a married man whose wife’s name is Maximilian Calypse(Maxi).
  • Maximilian is also called up by some other names like Maxi( by Riftan), Mud Lady, M’Lady, Giant, and Lady Calypse. 
  • Maxi learns magic and turns into a wizard.
  • Maximilian also joined the Knights of Remdragon in the latter story.
  • Anges Reuben portrayed a positive character who always hides her brother and sister-in-law’s relationship’s flaws. 

Under the Oak Tree Manga Overview

At her father’s proposal, the duke’s girl, the silently mouthing Maximilian, wedded a nobleman of small stature. Following the first evening, her partner left for a combat operation without bidding farewell. He resurfaces after three years as a warrior, lauded across the whole of Europe. What tactic will Maximilian utilize to encounter him now? 

Novel’s synopsis

Maximilian, the very first child of the Croix household, was victimized by her father when she was younger because of her sluggishness. She evolves a massive inadequacy compound for her speech impediment and physical attractiveness as a result of these kinds of bullying and abuse, as well as a broad sense of lack of self-esteem. When Maximillian’s dad, Duke Croix, earned a monarch’s command from the King to battle the Red Dragon Sektor, he opted to marry off his obligations by marrying his baby girl to Riftan Calypse, a peasant warrior. Maximillian was efficaciously sold out and pressured to tie the knot to Riftan. Riftan and Maxi spent their first night together after their relationship, but Riftan left the next day without simply stating anything.

Manga’s public reception

The manga does address a large number of mysterious themes, like tangible and sentimental mistreatment, arranged marriages, and overarching psychiatric disorder, but individuals also reckon it straightens those that have more high points. This equilibrium is essential in granting the humorous complexity and allowing perusers to relax during intense moments. Fans enjoyed noticing Maxi begin to work to conquer her childhood trauma and how she still endures Post-traumatic stress as a result of it. Individuals also appreciated seeing the endearing occasions that she shares with Riftan in which he discloses his compassionate side to her and they begin to mature as a duo.

What do people love the most about the comic?

What enthusiasts appreciate about the narrative of Under the Oak Tree is just how Riftan and Maxi’s correlation concentrates on strengthening their marital relationship from the bottom up, functioning on establishing goals, coping with psychological illness, and developing a feeling of respect and affection for one another. Fans seem to think that far too often, these types of narrative scenarios regress into hostile atmospheres between the strong partner and the relatively weak wife. Fortunately, they do not have it here. Maxi has some self-confidence problems as a result of her stammer and early life abuse (as well as the reality that she was pressured into this marital relationship), but Riftan ends up being an exceptionally wonderful partner for her.

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FAQs about Under the Oak Tree Novel

1. What is Under the Oak Tree?

It is a website cartoon comic.

2. Who created it?

Kim Suji created the Korean website cartoon comic Under the Oak Tree, which was highlighted by P as well as modified by Namu.

3. Who is the main character?

Maximilian, the very first child of the Croix household is the main character.

4. What theme does it address?

The manga does address a large number of mysterious themes, like tangible and sentimental mistreatment, arranged marriages, and overarching psychiatric disorder.

5. Where can you read it?

You can go to this online platform under the oaktree manga. online.

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