Since the inception of the first presentation tool, these software solutions have become more powerful, revolutionizing the way we convey information and ideas. While basic presentation tools are equipped with the necessary features to facilitate typical presentations, high-end presentation software programs offer more advanced features, allowing you to create outstanding presentations.

In this article we’ll explore the features that allow high-end presentation tools to stand out:

1. Advanced design and customization options

High-end presentation tools are equipped with an extensive collection of design and customization tools so that users can create presentations that are more engaging and visually attractive. As one of the most powerful presentation software on the market, ProPresenter offers unlimited customization of the presentation contents, as well as the stage views.

Such customization includes the ability to use different views for different speakers or different stage screens being used by the same speaker.

2. Backup for continuity

Presentation computers can crash, ruining the entire presentation even if the audience has been glued from the start. To avoid this, high-end presentation applications allow you to have a redundant presentation alongside your main presentation with a safety failover.

That way, if your main presentation computer fails, the system will automatically switch to the functional computer and the audience does not have to notice a thing.

3. Cross-platform support

Cross-platform performance is not common for presentation software. Several tools in the market limit you to either Mac or Windows versions, and the few that try to offer flexibility have inconsistencies. Cloud platforms have tried to settle this issue conclusively, but they are quite limited in terms of the features that they offer.

The solution? High-end presentation tools like ProPresenter that offer cross-platform compatibility. So if you create a presentation on your windows pc, you can transfer it to your Mac-based pc and there won’t be a single difference.

4. Built-in streaming

With the ever-growing need for hybrid and virtual events, live streaming is a great addition to any presentation tool. At the moment, not lots of presentation software solutions have this capability. The presenters are forced to use a separate video recording and streaming tool, which can call for additional hardware and/or personnel.

That’s not the experience that you get when using high-end presentation applications. These offer full support for live streaming, allowing you to send out your presentation and even have live conversations on your preferred streaming platforms. The more advanced tools like ProPresenter even support top-quality codecs like the ones offered by Resi for a more reliable streaming experience.

5. Easier integration with other tools

There are times when you need pro-grade video hardware or software solutions to achieve specific goals of a presentation. At such times, you need a well-suited presentation tool to offer the integration that you need, since these are two different tools.

Normal software solutions can’t do this. You’d have to resort to high-end presentation tools that are integrable with advanced hardware and software. One of the reasons for such integrations is to be able to present differently on different screens or support specific protocols.

Get these and more features on ProPresenter

High-end presentation tools like ProPresenter have lots of unique features meant to cater to different presentation needs. When you switch to such software, you can expect greater flexibility, power, and creativity.

So what’s keeping you from getting started?

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