As much as you want to attract brand new consumers to your packaged product, it’s important that you also keep your existing customers. This is often done by expanding your lineup. Single serve sachet packaging, for example, can add a new level of convenience to your product line and can help strengthen your customers’ brand loyalty.

You can also consider introducing single-serving offerings when you want to provide potential new customers with a great way to sample your products. Overall, you’ll gain new ways to engage both new and current customers.

Ease of Consumption

Single-serving portions of packaged food products offer consumers convenience, simplicity and portability. There’s no need to put away a partially consumed jar or package if all you want is a quick snack or a refreshing pick-me-up. For those individuals who are in the middle of a task or rushing to arrive somewhere on time, this is an attractive option.

Bulk food packaging may bring the “economy of scale” factor into play, especially for large families, but busy individuals and commuters appreciate having some needed nutrition in a briefcase or shirt pocket. According to recent statistics, more than half of American households consist of a single-person or two-person household. The growing number of smaller-sized household units translates into an increase in demand for single-portion food packaging.

Providing a Consistent Experience

Brand loyalty grows when consumers feel confident that the product will remain consistent in its taste, quality, and freshness purchase after purchase. Choosing the right single-serving packaging concept helps ensure customers get the product consistency they expect.

To help ensure freshness, single-portion packaging can provide:

  • An airtight and dry packaging environment
  • Increased shelf life
  • Protection from light

Premeasured portions also ensure that the purchaser gets the right amount of the intended nutritional factor, which serves the needs of consumers who keep track of their daily intake of calories, fiber, protein or sugar. In addition to consistency, premeasured single-portion powdered mixes and ingredients can also make meal preparation easier.

Mylar bag food storage packaging combines well with single-portion product offerings that require extra protection to preserve their freshness. Mylar packaging’s ability to create a reliable barrier that guards contents against oxygen, light and moisture makes it ideal for food products designed for portability.

Attracting New Customers to Your Brand

Waiting in line at the supermarket is not one of the most likely places you would expect to find an abundance of packaged bulk food. You could, however, expect to find an assortment of single-portion products arranged near or on the check-out line. Those items gain the added sales advantage of impulse buying.

Spontaneous purchases lacking pre-shopping intent help your company introduce its products to new customers. Single-serving offerings encourage low-risk “impulse buys” of a previously untried product. Your company also increases its brand awareness by appearing at a retail store location where a majority of shoppers see your products.

To make your products stand out, make the best use of your packaging options. Gusset bag packaging, for example, can better attract shoppers’ attention due to its ability to stand up straight on a shelf. Graphic designers love the fact that the stand-up bags give them plenty of room to incorporate eye-catching graphics. Team up with a reputable and experienced packaging provider and you’ll discover the many ways you can help grow your product sales.

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