Apart from streamlining corporate operations, industrial parks are essential in creating jobs nationwide and reaching for direct foreign investment. Currently, the industrial park Guanajuato offers too many benefits for foreign investors and companies to ignore. Take a look at some:

Great location

Keeping the location in mind, Guanajuato is the sixth biggest Mexican economy, the major logistic headquarter in Bajio and a prominent receiver of direct foreign investment.

The place also houses the biggest industrial parks in the country. With over 4 million sq. ft. accessible for industries, facilities and production units, Bajio is an effective and suitable location to commence your business or expand. Furthermore, it is an entity experiencing the largest growth in industrial activities as assessed by the Federal State.

Majorly, automobile production companies that have become a part of the industrial park Guanajuato find it as the most suitable location to establish their facilities.

Stable market

As per the market analysis data of 2020, the total Guanajuato market absorption was around 1.7 million sq. ft., up to 86% of the total direct investment in merely 15 transactions. Regarding the source of the investment, 13% were from national organizations, 17% from Japan and 39% from the US.

Innovative business prospects

After the major hit from the pandemic, major opportunities have been created in this area to enhance growth in different sectors keeping the automotive, appliance, food and ecommerce sectors in mind. Investment in logistics is also a major addition to the industrial park Guanajuato.

Guanajuato currently has a 4.1 million sq. ft. area accommodating the biggest industrial parks in Mexico with effective real estate offering class-A facilities to investing companies.

Major benefits of choosing the industrial park Guanajuato

  • Secure facilities

Amongst the many benefits of investing in industrial park Guanajuato, one of the most prominent is that these parks offer safe and functional facilities. Companies can easily implement round-the-clock safety and surveillance system, safety fencing across their facility perimeter, safety cameras, and trained security teams. This enhances their safety during severe and emergency conditions.

  • Support

If companies choose to settle in the industrial park Guanajuato, they can rely on the support services of shelter companies. They offer an amazing number of benefits, from administration, maintenance, and labor to customized services as per the need and requirements of the company.

  • Infrastructure and services

Lastly, an essential benefit of choosing an industrial park is that companies enjoy quick access to utilities such as fire protection, treatment plant, logistics, transportation and road, water, gas, electricity and data. Additionally, they are welcomed with infrastructural benefits such as buildings constructed with high quality, efficient materials for effective operation and keeping the quality standards in mind. It helps the companies operate without any hassle, adequately.

The industrial parks here are highly standardized, with top-notch facilities and services. With effective services from shelter companies, foreign investors find setting up their facility simple and convenient. So, choose a reliable and effective shelter company and establish your facility here to experience Mexico’s best infrastructure, service, amenities and customer support.

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