Is there any type of garment that’s more versatile than a black pleated skirt? Well, if there are better options, then they’re few and far between. Complementing many different kinds of tops, a skirt like these can be used as the centerpiece for many top looks – some of which we’ll be looking at here. 

So, let’s waste no time in getting into the good stuff as we shine a light on the wonderful ensembles it’s possible to create around this popular clothing staple. If you’re ready, then we’ll begin. 

Option #1 – Pair Your Black Pleated Skirt With a Sweater

While it might not be the first thing that some might think of when creating an outfit around a black pleated skirt, pairing one with a colorful, baggy sweater can give you a sumptuous look that’s great for those winter months. As a super alternative to t-shirts and blouses, it offers a look that makes the wearer seem younger – with the added benefit of being nice and comfortable. 

Option #2 – Put It With a Graphic T-shirt

You could look at a simple black skirt as being a mildly plain-looking item, but you’ve got to see further than that. What a garment like this offers is something to contrast against – such as a graphic t-shirt that’s nice and loud for all the right reasons. Whatever picture or design adorns your tee, it will simply POP when worn with a basic black skirt. Another amazingly simple yet effective choice. 

Option #3 – Lean Into the Monochrome Theme 

When dealing with a black skirt, it gives you the chance to lean into the monochrome theme that gives you a style all of its own. Wearing it with a simple, stylish white tee, blouse, or shirt will give you all the contrast you need to get noticed wherever you go. Continue the theme with a pair of black or white sneakers or shoes, and your outfit will be complete! 

Option #4  – Try a Denim Shirt For Great Style

Something else that will go great with a plain black skirt is denim – another of the universal staples that everyone has in some form or other in their wardrobe. Throw on a feminine denim blouse or shirt, and you’ll create a really nice, modern look. Again, denim is super comfortable and really easy to maintain, so it’s an awesome everyday option. 

Option #5 – Pair Black With Plaid! 

Plaid often gets a bad rap these days, as some fashionistas seem to think it’s a bit outdated. However, that could be further from the truth, and we think there’s life in the material yet! Add a plaid top and some knee-length boots, and you’ve got yourself a stylish and versatile option for any kind of event or night out you want to enjoy. 

The Black Pleated Skirt – It Goes With So Many Things!

What should stand out a mile after reading this blog is that black skirts like these are so versatile they go with pretty much any top in your closet. We’ve come up with 5 ways to create outfits around them, and if we wanted to, we could come up with ten more. That’s just how many options it offers.

So, why not try a couple of the options we’ve shown you out for yourself or get creative and come up with your own? Once you get started, you’ll realise just how many choices you have!

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