With so much to see, eat, buy, and try, it is almost a certainty that a trip to another country will be a memorable experience. “Almost” because sometimes the trip of a lifetime can run into impediments, so it is always best to be as prepared as possible well before the journey.

Between where to stay, what to do, and how to get there, there is plenty that needs to be planned out. And often, among the most overlooked is how to make payments and purchases once there.

The 7 advantages of traveling with debit cards

While digital banking is the most thought of solution nowadays, some payment apps are not available/accepted in other countries just yet, and it can be inconvenient (and sometimes impossible) to download and set up what’s used locally. 

Cash on the other hand, is always a readily available option but, between the risk of it being stolen and the numerous fees and rates at most currency exchanges, it also isn’t always the better choice.

However, one proves to be as convenient as payment apps and reliable as cash are debit cards:

  • It’s convenient

Now commonly used, paying via debit card is an all but guaranteed option in most destinations. At the very least, it allows a user to make ATM withdrawals. 

A small piece of plastic (or metal), it is also significantly less cumbersome to handle than cash.

  • Secure

A debit card offers more security than cash when traveling, as it is easier to replace a lost or stolen card than it is to recover lost cash. 

Most banks also provide zero-liability fraud protection for their customers in case their debit cards are lost or stolen.

  • And safe

In line with how secure debit cards can be is also the physical safety it provides.

As carrying large amounts of cash when traveling can make one a target for theft or robbery, a debit card eliminates this risk, making it a safer option.

  • It makes budget tracking easy

Another convenient aspect of using a debit card is how it makes tracking travel expenses easy since all transactions are recorded and can be easily viewed online or via a bank statement. 

International travel, after all, is often costly, and it is helpful for travelers to have as many means of keeping track of their expenses.

  • And ensures less costly currency exchange

With a debit card, one can easily withdraw local currency from ATMs without the need for currency exchange services.

Ultimately, exchanging currency via a physical money changer is more costly and time consuming.

  • As well as offers a reward or two

Many banks offer rewards programs, such as cash backs or bonuses points, for payments made with their card. 

This is particularly advantageous when having to pay for costly plane tickets or when taking a lengthy vacation that will involve plenty of expenses. In contrast, paying with cash provides no such benefits.

*Bonus: Advantage #8

Not all debit cards are equal, as some offer more than the aforementioned seven advantages.

Such is the case with the Black Banx debit card. 

The first of its kind, the Black Banx Debit Card seamlessly connects users to not just up to 28 FIAT currencies, but 2 cryptocurrencies as well. This enables them to spend the latter in any location where Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Along with easing payments during travel, the Black Banx debit card makes cryptocurrencies significantly more accessible to the general public.

Learn more about the Black Banx Debit Card or sign up for a Black Banx account by visiting www.blackbanx.com


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