For anyone who has been interested in spa treatments at home, but you haven’t been sure how to go about it outside of getting a fancy bathtub or something like that, there might be another option out there for you to try!  It’s become a lot more common for folks to get swim spas at home, although it might not be the first thing that we think about. 

Still, if you want to learn more about what they are and how they work, then you’re in the right place.  We’ll be covering them in depth today.  Come find out if they’re worth the money or not!

What are they?

The main idea here is that a swim spa is a hybrid of sorts.  They combine the warmth and pressure jets of a hot tub, but the space of a traditional pool.  This allows for a lot more range of movement.

Essentially, they are perfectly designed to complete a wide range of exercises in them.  While it may not necessarily be intended for something like this,, they’re quite versatile.  You can explore all sorts of work outs and even things like swimming yoga or water jazz.

The Perks

With the basics down, you’re probably still wondering why you would get one in the first place.  Well, there are a lot of benefits that a swim spa can bring to the table.  One of them is that they’re pretty easy to install compared to some other options.

Often, they’re an above-ground style pool, meaning that there won’t be any digging or huge construction projects in your yard.  Because they’re smaller than a normal swimming pool, too, it shouldn’t be overly difficult.  That’s why when folks see swim spa sales, they tend to take advantage of the opportunity.

What else is there, though?  Of course, there’s the fact that they can help you along with your fitness goals without being overly taxing on your body.  This is a pretty big deal, considering that’s often what prevents people from becoming motivated on their fitness journeys.  However, in the warm and bubbling water, it is much easier to do difficult exercises and stretches.

Because they can be heated, they’re also not limited seasonally in the same way that a normal pool is.  Instead, you can hop in even on a cold night and turn up the heat.  Warm yourself up and get cozy in the water without having to worry about freezing – it’s a nice feeling to know that you can use a purchase like this the entire year.

Are they Worth it?

Obviously, it’s hard to say in a general, blanket statement that swim spas are definitively worth the cash.  That being said, there’s definitely an argument to be made that they are worth your while.  After all, given some of the benefits mentioned above, and the fact that they’re such a versatile thing to add to the home, it’s hard to say otherwise.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate yourself and stay fit, then they can certainly help you out with that.  For instance, as you can see in this article, you can even set aside just thirty minutes a day to go in the swim spa and do some stretches or other exercises.  It’s not a huge time commitment, but it will be a big deal for your overall physical wellness.

Now, it’s only natural to be worried about their prices.  Thankfully, they’re really not overly expensive.  That’s especially true if you’re able to find a sale like the one mentioned earlier.  

Smart shoppers will be able to score some good deals on them in general, though – you just have to know where to look.  Remember not to sacrifice quality for a lower price, though.  Ideally, you’ll be able to find one that will last you for years without needing more than the normal amount of maintenance.

For anyone who’s uncertain about where to shop, there are plenty of options out there.  Don’t limit yourself to only retailers who sell pools.  A lot of furniture and other types of retailers also offer these sorts of things, so it might be worth checking them out too!

When you aren’t able to see reviews on the website, you can try to look for them otherwise on your search engine of choice too.  That can help you to get some further perspectives on what to expect out of the swimming spa that you end up getting.  There are even buyer’s guides out there, too, if you’re really feeling lost.

Although we can’t say 100% that one will be worth it for you, there’s a good chance that if you get a lot of use out of it, it’ll be worth the money.  Just think it over for a while!


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