Aiven is a well-renowned software company, based in Finland, founded in the year 2016. It has gotten itself in the recent news by announcing a huge raise of $100M in the Series C round of its funding.

The company presents big companies with managed open-source technologies available on a lot of major public Cloud platforms. This has boosted the development process of the company which demands the full focus and detailed attention of the developers of Aiven.

Plans for Immediate Future

The profited funds from this major recent funding will be strategically used by Aiven to marketize their upcoming products and contribute increasingly to developing open-source technologies, all the while continuing to expand their company internationally. Aiven’s products are proven to be globally accepted and praised for their universal applicability. At the same time, the latest investment and investors will efficiently help the company cater to the demands and needs of underserved markets better.  

The topmost goals that make the list in the company’s plans are  

  • To double the company’s headcount in the upcoming year 
  • To successfully launch a formal open-source program office 

About Aiven

Aiven is known for pushing businesses to accelerate application innovation by providing data infrastructure, able to manage itself, through the on-demand deployment of the leading source data, streaming processing technologies, and allowing us from prototyping to production to the international scale. 

It is quite an established fact that open-source technology is dominating today’s world. The enterprises are adapting to this technology now more than ever, for their own sakes, if not for others. This rapid enhancement has been majorly caused by the rising powerful fame and fandom of the very popular and trendy concept and applications of cloud computing, especially during the devastating pandemic which wrecked a lot of plans and innovations.

The benefits of open source software are- 

  • It is cost effective 
  • It is flexible 

The cons might present as- 

  • A lot of time can be taken up in the setup 
  • The lack of expertise and resources in certain domains may disrupt the system 

Oskari Saarenmaa, the co-founder and CEO of Aiven, stated that his company offers freedom of choice to its customers. The required data infrastructure should be used to provide the necessary data for the customers so that it is available to all of them and not restricted from one client or data system. Instead, by pressing a few buttons, the data can be transferred from one cloud to the other. The company renders assurance to top-notch services and support including- 

  • end-to-end security 
  • high-class maintenance 
  • effective monitoring of the systems 

 Suffice to say, Aiven really stands out with an excellently managed, open-source technology that spans multiple clouds. 


Open-source, in today’s market, fuels every part of our global economy including 

  • Home automation 
  • Retail analytics 
  • Energy metering 

If managed in-house, many existing tools may impose a heavy operational burden. The company democratizes data access to the best and greatly inclusive open-source technologies like none before. In addition, it presents fully-managed data infrastructure and data management services for worldwide known open-source research and projects in the public cloud. Aiven also provides companies of varying bulks with an extensive open-source data infrastructure, dolled up with an urban outlook. They might be from different regions of the world, but the access to data infrastructure would be in minutes based on the company’s needs. 

Aiven, undoubtedly, provides the audience with a sea of opportunities setting global technology expectations sky high across all major public cloud platforms.

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