Coronavirus or Covid -19 (coronavirus disease-2019) has unflur all over the world and became an epidemic in many parts of the globe and is destined to have a major impact on the health of the planet. The NHS contact-tracing app has been in the news due to several factors and also has faced criticism recently. 

The tracking strategies of the NHS tracking App are very efficient as well as beneficial for the users. Coronavirus infection can now be traced and the users can take preventive measures for the same. 

Working and Features of the NHS App. 

Smartphone sensors of mobile phones play a very essential role in the working of the NHS tracing App. This app tracks the user’s phone and provides information about the other user of the app and whether the other app user is infected with the virus or not. This app also tells the time for how long the user was near the user. If someone nearby gets infected with the covid 19 virus later the app also issues an alert that the other app user was nearby and that the user should isolate themselves. Data had been issued recently that every one percent increase reduced a point to eight percent cases. 

How To Download an NHS App? 

For account setup and login, download the NHS App or use the NHS website in a web browser. Your NHS account, which is owned and operated by the NHS, provides a quick and safe way to access a variety of NHS services online. Using your NHS account, you can view and download your COVID Pass for international travel, obtaining an NHS COVID Pass.

Obtain guidance on coronavirus which is learning about coronavirus and what to do if you suspect you are infected. Book appointments at your GP surgery by searching for, booking, and canceling appointments there as well as viewing information about your current and previous appointments. Order repeat prescriptions by viewing your available medications, requesting a new repeat prescription, and selecting a pharmacy to send your prescriptions to.

Impact Of The NHS Tracking App

The App was more significantly used in areas that were rural therefore the app was not able to provide the functions it was meant for. The app was very beneficial to the users because of its systematic functions and on-time information. The app earlier was only available for new and updated mobile phones; the older versions of the phones were not able to handle the app’s software. While the app is providing a lot of facilities the users do not need to forget the importance of social distancing and face masks.


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