Kids’ bedrooms are a space to play, dream about their future careers, enhance their hobbies, and whatnot. Having a kid means plenty of things to be kept, irrespective of age or hobby. Designing their bed with storage is the best way to declutter, offering practicality and functionality. From baby cots to single beds, or double beds, you can easily find storage beds for the little ones. They do not just make the best bed option, it also helps in keeping the mess and stress away. Let’s dive into some of the unique kid’s bed design options. 

  1. Baby cot with drawers:

With the advancement in furniture designs, baby cot cribs are available in different types of storage drawers beneath or a cot crib that can convert into a desk toddler, a swing, or a table. Such furniture is great for space savings as it holds multiple drawers beneath and on the sides, allowing to keep the nitty gritty kids to keep the space tidy and organized. 

  1. Space-saving kid’s bed with storage and workspace:

In the small-sized room, often you don’t have enough space to create a separate study table for the kids. You can make the desk a side table that has wheels, and when not in use, it can go beneath the bunker bed, saving space and creating storage too. The other drawers on its side can be used by the kid to store books, toys, etc. 

  1. Bed with Separate Kids Play Area:

Making bedtime playful for the kids is another level of happiness for them. When you have space constraints to not have a separate play area for your little one, such a bed design can come to your rescue. With the bunker bed designs, the kid can have the upper space for sleeping, while the below area can be covered with a tent having their dedicated play area underneath. 

  1. Loft bed with storage:

Kids come with more than hugs and cuddles. Storing their toys, books, nappies, and clothes can become an overwhelming experience if proper space storage is not done. Thus, a loft bed with storage is one of the best kid’s beds with storage options to consider. While the baby sleeps on the bed, the below space can be used to store all its important things to make it handy. 

  1. Loft Bed with Full Length Workspace beneath:

You have one BHK house and don’t have enough space to create a separate room for your child? Worry not. Even if your child’s headspace has increased, a loft bed with workstation space below is the right pick of bed type for your child. While he doesn’t want to sleep, underneath the workspace can help him study well in a compact yet functional dedicated space. 

  1. Platform bed with storage:

If your kid is scared of heights in a loft bed, this bed design is the solution for all the bunk beds without the fear of falling. The platform bed with storage shelves on the side and beneath the mattress leaves one with plenty of room to store necessities. While it helps to save space and avoid clutter, it creates a dedicated space for your kid and its utilities. 

Giving your child more sleeping space along with their own dedicated playing space helps them build independence and feel secure. These innovative bed designs are a must to consider when building a new home or renovating after your baby’s blessing has arrived. They are sure to suffice everyone’s needs as per the space available. 


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