If you are about to get married, you might want to make your culture a significant part of your wedding. This can help to make your wedding feel extra special and personal to you. If you want to add this special touch to your big day, here are some of the top tips you should follow to add cultural significance to your wedding in 2023. 

  1. Release Butterflies at the Ceremony 

Butterflies have a lot of cultural symbolism and can help to represent hope and new beginnings. They can also represent your love for each other and the future you will have together. Butterflies have cultural significance and can be a beautiful addition to any wedding that can make it feel magical and wow any wildlife lovers on your guest list. In this case, you should consider looking for butterfly release companies that can allow you to buy butterflies for your big event. These companies often allow you to choose from several options, such as mass-release boxes or individual-release envelopes. By doing this, your wedding will be able to stand out from the rest. 

  1. Wear Cultural Outfits 

Instead of opting for the most modern outfits that you can get your hands on, when you want to add cultural significance to your wedding, you should consider choosing outfits that have cultural symbolism and that can help to represent the culture that you come from. These could be traditional outfits and dresses, or they could be modern twists on tradition. They could even simply have small nods to the past and your culture. Either way, adding culture to your outfits can ensure that you feel close to your culture as you get married. You might have to find a specialist tailor to help you design and create these outfits, though, especially if you want to make them custom-made. 

  1. Think About Your Décor

You might also think about having cultural nods dotted around your décor, including items that are usually found at traditional weddings from your culture. If you are unsure about the décor that you want, you should consider researching décor online on websites such as Pinterest, which can allow you to make mood boards that can help you to work out what you want from your wedding. You might also consider putting cultural nods into the wedding itself, with certain rituals and changing some of the wording of your vows to match your culture. 

  1. Create a Cultural Menu

One of the easiest ways that you can add culture to your wedding is to create a menu with cultural foods on. This cultural menu can delight your guests’ tastebuds and might be filled with foods that are not often found at weddings in your area. This menu will ensure that your wedding breakfast is filled with food that you love and that is close to your heart and your culture, and that can help to showcase your culture to your guests. 

These four tips are great starting points to consider when looking to add cultural touches to your special day. 


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