SEO has constantly changed and will continue to do so. The only prerequisite for SEO to exist is for the internet to be available. Just as it changed from its early days of massive keyword stuffing to the more recent iteration of smarter, more user-friendly, and holistic approaches, so too will it change again to accommodate the recent rises in chatbots and language learning modules (which many today are calling AI). 

What this means is that the best practices are constantly evolving, and how you personally can adapt your approach will need to change. You don’t need to do this on your own. In fact, it’s imperative that you don’t go at it alone. Right now, everything is once again in a hot melting pot of possibility, which means you want to rely on the expertise of tried-and-trusted experts to help guide your business through 2023 and beyond. 

There are a few consistent tips, however, that can absolutely help you restructure your SEO approach, starting with these tips: 

Don’t DIY It, Rely on Experts 

SEO constantly goes through big changes, and you don’t have the time to stay on top of the latest best practices. That’s why you need to go above and beyond. You need to hire the best SEO agency in Sugar Land, TX, to help guide your efforts, and optimize your website and digital presence for the next wave of updates, and you need them to keep your content optimized as times change. You, as a business, need to then offer a great product and service. That alone is a massive undertaking, so rely on experts to get the SEO part of your marketing out of the way. 

How to Establish Your Experience 

The classic E-A-T algorithm received a big update this past year, which is actually great news for reputable businesses. Now you can outshine the lower-quality companies that hide entirely behind their brand name. Instead, you can rely on your own experience to help boost your business and brand. 

What this means is that Google now considers who the person writing the content is and what they’re specialized in alongside the content itself. Working to get your stuff published on multiple platforms and having an author biography on multiple different sources can help add to your content’s credibility and improve search listings as a whole. 

How to Create Content That Actually Gets Clicked On 

Between chatbots and Google, increasingly general questions are getting answered in a single sentence. Whether it’s the highlighted answer at the top of Google’s search results, or a compiled answer from a language generator, single answers are becoming the norm. 

How do you create content that can engage with such ways of search? A good way to do this is to answer the question upfront and quickly in your article. Then you can continue to explain the matter in depth, so you can put your brand at the face of it all, regardless of whether that person just looks at the answer and clicks away, or wants a more in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. 


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