You may want to sell your diamond jewelry or maybe you want to know the value of your stunning diamond tennis bracelet. Whatever the case, it helps to know how much your diamond jewelry is worth.

This makes you feel confident that the price you’re getting from the sale of your lab-made diamond ring is fair. The knowledge will also help you know for sure, if your prized bridal set or small diamond studs are valuable.

To know a diamond’s worth, you’ll need to understand how to calculate its value. Or, you should at least understand how professionals do the calculations.

When learning how to calculate the value of diamonds, you’ll realize that most of the gemstone’s traits that influence its worth relate to rarity. 

The harder it is to find a certain quality of the gemstone, the more valuable it is. Apart from the traits, you must also prove the jewelry’s authenticity and whether it’s of high-quality.

Some of the factors that influence a diamond’s value include:

  • The cut
  • The color
  • The carat
  • Its clarity 

How To Care For Diamonds?

You don’t think twice about replacing clothes when they fade. You also start looking to buy a new bag when the current one starts showing signs of wear and tear. The story, however, is very different when it comes to jewelry. But like everything else, your diamond stud earrings can lose their sparkle with time.

Diamonds can chip at the edges despite being the hardest substance that we know of. They can even fall out of the setting if you’re not careful. But if well taken care of, your diamond solitaire ring can look brand new for the longest period. 

That’s the reason why we have this article – to help you care for your diamonds. 

  1. Frequently Wash Your Diamond Jewelry

It’s important that you clean your diamond jewelry, even if you take proper care in storing them.

You can gently and effectively clean your diamonds using a soft bristle toothbrush with water. Remember to include a small amount of mild detergent such as dish soap. Be sure to get into the crevasses since that’s where dirt and grease build up over time.

Be sure not to use bleach or other household chemicals. Also, you should never use a heavy wire brush or pipe cleaner. Interestingly, a 30-minute soak in vodka has proven to be an effective way of cleaning diamonds.

Jewelers recommend cleaning your diamond jewelry at least once a week. A hair dryer on a low setting will help you remove excess water spots after cleaning the jewelry.

  1. Be Careful of Ultrasonic Cleaners

There are a lot of ultrasonic cleaning systems out there. The units use high-frequency sound waves that are emitted through a liquid substance to shake the dirt and grease off your diamond engagement ring.

Note that these systems can be effective. That’s because they have been known to shake diamonds right out of their mounts. You must, however, be careful not to leave the jewelry unattended.

The choice of your cleaning solution is also very important and as such, you should always err on the side of using a mild solution. Heat is also an important element in making ultrasonic cleaners effective. Thus, you should only use a unit that heats the liquid and preferably one with a shut-off timer. 

Never use ultrasonic cleaners with any diamonds that have been treated with fracture filings. 

  1. Avoid Touching The Center Stone

Caring for your diamonds also means that you avoid touching the center stone at all costs.

Remember that diamonds and other precious stones attract dirt, dust, and body oils. As such, you need to grab the band on either side of the stone when wearing or removing your solitaire diamond. This is better than grabbing the stone itself.

If you notice the stone looking hazy or cloudy, that’s an indication that something is stuck underneath it. 

  1. Purchase Insurance

Insurance serves as a contractual means of risk management. It protects you from financial repercussions in case of physical loss, theft, or damage.

It’s also necessary to have your lab-grown diamond rings appraised every five years as the cost of diamonds and other precious metals rises. Keep in mind that if you were to lose something that was appraised ten years ago, its insured value would be far less than the actual replacement. 

  1. Don’t Get Ring Envy or Remove The Ring in Public

Different people have different ideas as to how they want their dream proposal ring to look like. And once you have that shiny stone on your ring finger, you should avoid comparing it with that of anyone else.

Remember that an engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love and devotion. So don’t look at it as a sign of status.

We know that handwashing is a must in a public restroom. However, you must resist the temptation of removing your vintage style engagement ring when lathering up. That’s because of the possibility that you can forget the ring on the edge of the sink. 

The worst possible scenario is that you could drop it down the drain. This is the most common mistake ladies do in public bathrooms. 

  1. Get Your Engagement Ring Resized

Either gain or loss can cause the size of your fingers to drastically change. The size of your finger can also change depending on the time of day and during pregnancy. That’s why it’s convenient that you get your diamond ring resized several times to find a size that suits you best.

Your solitaire engagement ring should be tight enough that it stays on your finger. It should also be loose enough that it won’t be painful in case your finger swells up.

Note that getting your engagement ring resized too often can be damaging to the jewelry. Thus, you must do your best in taking care of your diamond jewelry not to ruin it. And if you can avoid resizing it very frequently then do so.


It’s a fact that diamonds can last forever. But that’s not to mean that they won’t get chipped, scratched, or smudged. You can, however, avoid this by adapting to everyday cleaning habits.

You can also get your diamonds cleaned professionally and protected from possible loss in the future. Learning how to care for your diamond engagement ring is the best way to always keep it looking as good as new and as safe as possible.

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