When seeking a serene area to move to in New York, Albany remains a good choice. This new York capital is around the west Bank near the Hudson River. It boasts urban city features with a very rich history.

There are about 120,000 residents there and it is known for its diverse culture and immense employment opportunities. The beautiful architectural edifices and Great outdoor atmosphere make it one of the top places to visit in New York. Before moving to Albany, here is some relevant information you should have.

What you should know when moving to Albany

Before you visit Albany ensure you know these things :

Cost of movers

Many movers transport people and their belongings to this city. Ensure you hire the right moving company Albany Ny before making that move to avoid issues. The best way to get a trustworthy mover is to ask for recommendations and reviews. This will give you an idea of what you will face when you reach there. Shiply is renowned as one of the best moving companies, offering top-notch truckload transport and other services that prioritize safety and affordability.

Cost of living

Before moving to this city, understand that the cost of living in Albany, NY, is 8% higher than in other US states. This is a bit expensive to live in, however when put together with other Top cities, it is more affordable. The salary rate of most residents averages $ 72,100 while top earners collect around $159,223.

The real estate business is ideal

A top city like Albany has a modest and affordable accommodation system. While the houses in the urban areas are pricey, if you don’t mind the quiet nature, other areas are cheap. Home rates in Albany are cheaper than in other cities such as Washington and Florida.

Flourishing economy

While the present unemployment rate is a bit higher than the national average at 6.5 %, this is a New York City that has future job growth. You will find firms in Tech, agriculture, health care, and financial services.

It is big in education

If you have kids that are still studying or you still want to further your education, moving to Albany, NY is a way to go. You can find the University of Albany, the College of Pharmacy and Health, and Maria College amongst others.

This is a sport-loving city

If you are into athletics or a lover of sports, then living in Albany, NY will be the best decision you will make. You will find locals who support New York hockey teams such as New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabers, and New York rankers. Also, soccer-loving residents support the New York Red bulls.

The best neighborhoods to live in Albany, NY

If you are moving to Albany, NY, here are some great places you can stay:

Center Square

This Albany neighborhood has many top companies situated there. Also, this is a place known for its low crime rate and excellent housing cost. People who are considering retiring to a nice place can also come here. The weather in Center Square is great and you can adapt easily.


Helderberg is a neighborhood that has a modest population of about 3, 500 residents. This is one of the best locations to stay in Albany, NY. If you are a social person who loves nightlife, you will enjoy living there. 

There are amazing bars, restaurants, and lounges where you will find the young spending some spare time. Accommodation here is a bit more expensive than in the center square, however, the low crime and unemployment rate appeal to many.

Pine Hills

Another fine neighborhood you can stay in in Albany is Pine Hills. You can find this place at the edge of Washington Park. The population of this place is about 13,000 and has many great schools. Educationally inclined people can enroll in the numerous schools present in the neighborhood. It is an exotic place where you have various entertainment venues where you can wine and dine.

Benefits of living in Albany, NY

Here are some reasons why living in Albany, NY is a good idea :

Fantastic Livability Index

Albany ranks high when based on the livability index. This is calculated based on the standard of living and how people enjoy staying at the place. Other factors to consider include educational standards, transport structure, and safety.

Excellent Living conditions

When you consider that moving to Albany, NY is for you, know that it is an ideal place to visit and stay permanently. The cost of living is excellent and you don’t have to pay high taxes for anything. Although some areas might be expensive, generally, you will enjoy living in Albany, NY.

Great Road network

If you are moving to Albany, NY because of your job, be rest assured that most road structures in the city are great. The Government has erected some amazing good roads which make moving from one place to another simple. The transport systems in the area are also in good condition and you will be delighted with your stay.


Before you move to Albany, NY, ensure you choose a credible mover to make your transportation a simile. Also, ensure you learn about what life is about in the city to avoid the cultural shock that might arise. There are many classy and serene places you live in Albany, and you can choose from the options available.

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