Are you looking to add a stunning image gallery to your WordPress site but feeling lost on where to begin? Don’t worry – you’re in the right place. Whether you’re new to this, we’ve got your back. This guide walks you through creating a WordPress dynamic gallery. Let’s dive right in!

A dynamic gallery is an excellent way to showcase your content with style. With Essential Addons, you can easily create a dynamic gallery featuring beautiful layouts and customizable content. What’s even better? This feature lets you generate galleries from any type of custom content.

One intriguing aspect of the dynamic gallery WordPress is the popup option. Simply click on an image, and a sleek popup will elegantly appear on your screen.

And guess what? There’s no cap on the number of gallery items you can incorporate. Plus, you’re not limited to a specific type of content. To maintain a neat and clean gallery appearance, add a “Load More” button that reveals more gallery items as desired.

Even if you’re new to all this, rest assured – styling the dynamic gallery is a breeze. Modify backgrounds, colors, padding, icons, and more to create an impressive viewing experience for your audience.

Dynamic content offers numerous advantages. It adds a layer of engagement to your website, as the content or elements frequently refresh, keeping things interesting. This also means your content is always up-to-date, encouraging visitors to return. So, not only does it make your site captivating, but it also helps maintain a consistent audience.

A significant perk of the dynamic gallery is that you only need to update your content once. If you’re using a server folder as your data source, updates to the folder automatically translate to updates in the gallery. No more tinkering with individual galleries or media items – just update the server folder, and you’re good to go. This streamlined process saves you precious time.

A gallery is like a cool thing you can put on your website that moves around and looks great. If you are wondering how to create Dynamic image gallery in WordPress, It’s very easy – you can do this easily. You first need some tools to make a moving gallery on your WordPress website. For this kind of gallery, FooGallery is a good choice. It works with different sources to make galleries. 

  • Configuring Dynamic Gallery Settings

Once a Dynamic Gallery is activated, find the “Dynamic Gallery Settings” under the Content section. Here, you can set your preferred animation duration and the number of columns in your gallery. Adjust column numbers and change item and hover styles using the dropdown menu. You can even customize Zoom and link icons to your liking.

  • Get Your Pictures Ready

Set up where your pictures will come from. How you do this depends on where you want your gallery to get the pictures. For example, if you’re using Media Tags, you just need to add tags to your pictures. 

With FooGallery PRO, you can do this when you put a picture in your picture library or gallery. If you want to use WooCommerce, you must get WooCommerce and set up your products.

  • Choosing a Layout

The settings offer different layout styles like Grid and Masonry. Grid is the default style, allowing resizable grid item heights. This provides flexibility in modifying thumbnail sizes. You can also switch to the “Cards” style, displaying content titles and descriptions.

If Grid isn’t your vibe, opt for Masonry. This layout balances items with varying heights, creating a seamless and appealing arrangement.

  • Setting Up Your Filterable Query

Utilize custom content as your gallery source. Dynamic Gallery automatically generates galleries based on your chosen source: Post, Pages, or Manual Selection.

Filter your gallery by Author, Categories, or Tags. If you skip these filters, the default “All” tab applies. Tailor your gallery further by selecting post count and offset. You can also exclude certain authors, categories, or tags. Arrange your images in ascending or descending order for easy gallery search.

  • Displaying Popup Gallery

Under Popup Settings, toggle on “Show Popup” to enable the popup gallery feature. It’s that simple! Choose between Media or Button styles for your popup.

  • Adding the Load More Button

Consider adding the Load More Button for galleries with many images. Adjust alignment and button spacing as needed.

  • Styling All the Features

Head to the “Style” tab to personalize your items, item captions, control elements, and Load More Button. Modify background colors, borders, typography, and more in this user-friendly section.


These steps make crafting a WordPress gallery plugin a breeze. To fully grasp its potential, check out our Demo and have some fun experimenting. It’s time to kickstart your journey with a dynamic WordPress image gallery. 

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