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Han Moo Yeong is recognized as the celebrity wife of the Korean entertainment industry. She is the dearest wife of Korean actor, Kim Kang-Woo who is well-known for his 2 most famous films, The Taste of Money and The Missing Noir M.  

Being a wife of a successful actor known worldwide is a very renowned thing in itself as people want to know about them. Similarly, She became the hot talk among many and now people want to know more about this special personality who is the wife of their favorite actor. 

In this article, we’ll expose, her age, childhood, parents, siblings, husband, kid, marriage, social media, and more.

Han Moo Yeong Wiki/Bio

Han Moo Yeong is a Korean national lady who has taken birth in Damyang County, Jeolla Province, South Korea. She is a simple lady with no personal connection with the entertainment industry however, she is aware of its workings, people, and other things but the real reason for her prominence and recognition in media is her wedding with the Korean actor, Kim Kang-Woo who changes the dimensions of her life. 

Kim Kang-Woo is a South-Korean actor, who started his career as a singer and then in 2001, debuted as an actor. He married Han Moo Yeong who was a simple non-celebrity girl and made her the attraction of media.

Han Moo Yeong
Han Moo Yeong

Han Moo Yeong Early Life and Family

The childhood of Han Moo Yeong was spent at her birthplace with her parents and siblings. 

She attended Eunkwang Girls’ High School to pursue her schooling. Not much has been known about her childhood and family. 
The younger sister of Han Moo Yeong, whose name is Han Hye-jin is a famous actress in South Korea and is the reason for the familiarness of Han Moo with the film industry.

Han Moo Yeong’s Husband- Kim Kang-Woo

Kim Kang Woo
Kim Kang Woo

If we talk about Han Moo Yeong’s marriage and husband, then we all know that her husband is Kim Kang Woo, who is a well-known actor in Korea and is the reason for Han Moo’s illustration. 

The couple’s 1st meet-up takes place when both of them are out drinking with their friends, respectively.  Kim Kang Woo decided in just a single glance that She is the girl he wants to marry. In their 1st meeting, the couple started to like each other and also shared some bottles of soju(an alcoholic beverage, famous in Korea). 

They dated for a long 7 years and then finally decided to tie the knot on 18th June 2010. They celebrated a private catholic wedding at Myeongdong Cathedral among their family and friends. 

The couple was blessed with their first kid in 2011. After which they also welcomed their 2nd child and today they are happy and proud parents of 2 children. 

Han Moo-Yeong Bio and Family

What is the age of Han Moo-Yeong, do you know? We’ll talk about Han Moo-Yeong’s age and birthdate in this section. Han Moo-Yeong came into the world in the year of 1978. The information about his exact birth date is not mentioned. Han Hye-Jin is the sister-in-law of Han Moo-Yeong born on 27 Oct 1981. Han Moo-Yeong is around 44 years old.

Han Moo-Yeong Education

Would you like to know Han Moo-Yeong ‘s educational background? Han Moo Yeong came into the limelight when she married renowned actor Kim Kang-woo. There is no data about her background life.

Han Moo Yeong Career

Han Moo Yeong keeps her personal and professional life secret which is why we don’t have any details about her career and profession. However, her husband follows the profession of an actor and is a successful celebrity in the South Korean film industry. He has done many blockbuster movies but he is specifically known for his two best movies which are “The Missing” and “The Taste of Money”. 

Han Moo-Yeong Physical Appearance and Body Measurements

How does Han Moo-Yeong’s health now stand? Han Moo-Yeong has a healthy physical state. Are you curious about Han Moo-Yeong’s height and weight in feet inches or meters? The height of Han Moo-Yeong is around 5 feet 7 inches. Han Moo-Yeong ‘s full body measurements are not available currently. She has dark black alluring eyes and black hair. Han Moo-Yeong looked adorable as she maintained her personality.

Han Moo-Yeong Career: An Apple of the Tree

Han Moo-Yeong is just known as the wife of celebrity Kim Kang Woo. The information about her career is not mentioned while her husband came into the limelight in his acting career. The Taste of Money and Missing Noir M are two films in which the South Korean actor Kim Kang-woo is most known. He earned his schooling at Chung-Ang University, where he majored in theater and film, before making his acting debut. He is currently employed by the talent company King Entertainment.

Han Moo-Yeong Relationship and Marital Status

Han Moo-Yeong and Kim Kang Woo Marital Status
Han Moo-Yeong and Kim Kang Woo Marital Status

After courting for seven long years, Kim Kang-woo and Han Moo-Yeong were married on June 18, 2010, at the Myeongdong Cathedral. Through a common acquaintance, the two had first connected in 2003, and they have gotten along great ever since. The event was private because it was a Catholic wedding performed by a priest, according to Kim Kang-management woo’s company: “No MC  was involved at the wedding.” Their small family expanded the following year with the birth of their first daughter. Commenters on the internet claim that the girl resembles Han Hye-jin.

Han Moo-Yeong Income Details and Net Worth

As per sources, there is no data about her professional courses. Her husband Kim Kang-woo made a $1.5 million (Estimated) fortune as an actor, according to his net worth, renowned for his work as the actor in Unknown.  We can estimate that she lived a lavish lifestyle as her husband succeeded in his career.

Han Moo-Yeong Social Media and Social Life

Her husband, the actor Kim Kang-woo, is arguably the biggest social media star in the world. Kim is a superb illustration of a well-known influencer. To interact with his massive fan base, he routinely posts private photos and videos on social media (@kangwoo_king).

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FAQs about Han Moo-Yeong

Who is Han Moo-Yeong?

Han Moo-Yeong is known as the wife of Kim Kang-woo.

What is the age of Han Moo-Yeong?

Han Moo-Yeong is around 44 years old.

What is the Instagram handle of Han Moo-Yeong?

Not mentioned.

What is the Twitter handle of Han Moo-Yeong?

Not known.

What is the name of Han Moo-Yeong’s husband?

Kim Kang-woo.


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